Yellow-Gears Toshiba Satellite C650 C650D Laptop Keyboard Replacement


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  • Generic Laptop Internal Keyboard
  • Ideal For: Laptops, Notebooks
  • Interface: Ribbon
  • Package Includes: 1 Pc Laptop Keyboard

Yellow-Gears Laptop Keyboard Compatible with Laptop Models Toshiba Satellite C650 C650-001 C650-00f C650-00j C650-00k C650-00m C650-00s C650-010 C650-018 C650-01d C650-01m C650-01s C650-01t C650-01u C650-01v C650-01w C650-020 C650-025 C650-028 C650-031 C650-034 C650-035 C650-054 C650-05n C650-05p C650-05u C650-05x C650-05y C650-067 C650-07j C650-07n C650-101 C650-107 C650-10w C650-110 C650-111 C650-11c C650-11j C650-11x C650-11z C650-121 C650-122 C650-124 C650-125 C650-126 C650-127 C650-128 C650-129 C650-12d C650-12e C650-12j C650-139 C650-13d C650-13g C650-13u C650-145 C650-147 C650-149 C650-14e C650-14f C650-14u C650-14w C650-152 C650-154 C650-15c C650-15f C650-15h C650-15j C650-15k C650-15l C650-15m C650-15n C650-15u C650-15v C650-15w C650-15x C650-15z C650-160 C650-166 C650-16n C650-16qc650-16r C650-16w C650-173 C650-174 C650-177 C650-178 C650-179 C650-17g C650-17h C650-17q C650-17r C650-17u C650-17v C650-17w C650-17x C650-17z C650-182 C650-188 C650-18d C650-18e C650-18f C650-18g C650-18h C650-18j C650-18k C650-18m C650-18u C650-191 C650-194 C650-196 C650-197 C650-198 C650-19j C650-19t C650-1c0 C650-1c2 C650-1c5 C650-1c6 C650-1c7 C650-1c8 C650-1cc C650-1ce C650-1cf C650-1cg C650-1ch C650-1cn C650-1cp C650-1cq C650-1cr C650-1ct C650-1de C650-1ej C650-1en C650-1ep C650-1er C650-1fh C650-1fk C650-1hr C650-1j0 C650-1kh C650-1kj C650-1kl C650-Bt2n11 C650-Bt2n13 C650-Bt2n15 C650d C650d-004 C650d-005 C650d-007 C650d-008 C650d-00d C650d-00e C650d-00h C650d-00l C650d-00p C650d-018 C650d-025 C650d-026 C650d-027 C650d-02k C650d-02lc650d-02m C650d-02q C650d-02u C650d-02v C650d-032 C650d-03g C650d-04h C650d-06n C650d-06p C650d-06q C650d-06t C650d-106 C650d-108 C650d-109 C650d-10d C650d-10e C650d-10k C650d-10p C650d-10q C650d-10w C650d-10x C650d-10z C650d-111 C650d-112 C650d-114 C650d-115 C650d-11e C650d-11g C650d-11h C650d-11k C650d-11r C650d-11t C650d-122 C650d-126 C650d-127 C650d-12c C650d-12d C650d-12f C650d-12j C650d-12l C650d-12q C650d-141 C650d-16u C650d-Bt2n11 C650d-Bt2n13 C650d-Bt2n15 C650d-St2n01 C650d-St2n02 C650d-St2n03 C650d-St2nx1 C650d-St2nx2 C650d-St3nx1 C650d-St3nx2 C650d-St4n01 C650d-St4nx1 C650d-St5n01 C650d-St5nx1 C650d-St6n02 C650-Ez1511 C650-Ez1520d C650-Ez1521d C650-Ez1522d C650-Ez1523d C650-Ez1524d C650-Ez1533 C650-Ez1540 C650-Ez1550 C650-Ez1551 C650-Ez1561 C650-S5202 C650-St2n01 C650-St2nx1 C650-St2nx2 C650-St3nx1 C650-St4n02 C650-St5n02 C650-St5n03 C650-St5nx1 C650-St5nx2 C650-St6n01 C650-St6n02

Brand Yellow-Gears
Condition New
Colour Black
Compatible Brand For Toshiba
Frame Not Included
Ribbon Included
Screws Not Included
In Box 1 Laptop Keyboard
Warranty Summary 3 Months Warranty
Warranty Service Type Replacement   Warranty
Warranty Covered Warranty of the Product is Limited to Failure and Manufacturing Defects
Warranty Not Covered Defects due to External Causes, Accidental, Physical Damage, Cut, Burnt, Misuse and Missing Warranty Stickers or Labels
Image All Pictures Shown Are For Illustration Purpose Only. Actual Product May Vary Due To Product Availability, Stock or Enhancement.
Country of Origin India
Special Instructions Compare with your old Product or Part number to avoid Wrong purchase policy applicable
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