Yellow-Gears Sony SVE15 SVE-15 Laptop Keyboard Replacement White


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  • Generic Laptop Internal Keyboard
  • Ideal For: Laptops, Notebooks
  • Interface: Ribbon
  • Package Includes: 1 Pc Laptop Keyboard

Yellow-Gears Laptop Keyboard Compatible with Laptop Models Sony 149093111us, 149093811gr, Aehk5u032303a, C12b16001952, E15, Mp-11k73us-920w, Sve15 Sve151 Series Sve15111ebs Sve15111en Sve15111enb Sve15111fdb Sve15111fdp Sve15111fdw Sve15112fxs Sve15113egb Sve15113en Sve15113enb Sve15113fdb Sve15113fdp Sve15113fdw Sve15113fxs Sve15114fjb Sve15114fxs Sve15115enw Sve15115fxs Sve15116en Sve15116enb Sve15117b Sve15117fdb Sve15117fdp Sve15117fdw Sve15117fgw Sve15117fn Sve15117fnb Sve15117p Sve15117w Sve15118fg Sve15118fgb Sve15118fgw Sve15118fn Sve15118fnb Sve151190s Sve151190x Sve15119fj Sve15119fjb Sve15119fjw Sve1511a1e Sve1511a1eb Sve1511a1ew Sve1511a4e Sve1511aen Sve1511aenb Sve1511afxs Sve1511b1e Sve1511b1eb Sve1511b1ew Sve1511b1r Sve1511b1rb Sve1511b1rw Sve1511b4e Sve1511b4esi Sve1511bgxs Sve1511c1r Sve1511c1rb Sve1511c1rsi Sve1511c1rw Sve1511c4e Sve1511c4esi Sve1511c5e Sve1511cc1rw Sve1511cfxs Sve1511d1e Sve1511d1ew Sve1511d4e Sve1511dfys Sve1511e4e Sve1511e4eb Sve1511efxw Sve1511en Sve1511f1e Sve1511f1eb Sve1511f1esi Sve1511f1ew Sve1511f4e Sve1511g1e Sve1511g1eb Sve1511g1esi Sve1511g1ew Sve1511g4e Sve1511gfxw Sve1511h1e Sve1511h1esi Sve1511h1ew Sve1511h4e Sve1511hfxw Sve1511j1e Sve1511j1eb Sve1511j1esi Sve1511j1ew Sve1511jfxw Sve1511k1e Sve1511k1eb Sve1511k1esi Sve1511k1ew Sve1511kfxw Sve1511l1ew Sve1511lew Sve1511m1e Sve1511m1eb Sve1511m1esi Sve1511mfxs Sve1511n1e Sve1511n1eb Sve1511n1esi Sve1511n1r Sve1511n1rb Sve1511n1rsi Sve1511n1rw Sve1511nfxs Sve1511p1e Sve1511p1ew Sve1511pgxs Sve1511q1e Sve1511q1eb Sve1511q1esi Sve1511r9e Sve1511r9eb Sve1511r9esi Sve1511rfxb Sve1511rfxw Sve1511s1e Sve1511s1esi Sve1511s1ew Sve1511s9rb Sve1511t1e Sve1511t1eb Sve1511t1rb Sve1511t1rsi Sve1511t1rw Sve1511v1e Sve1511v1ew Sve1511v1r Sve1511v1rb Sve1511v1rsi Sve1511v1rw Sve1511w1e Sve1511w1eb Sve1511w1esi Sve1511x1e Sve1511x1eb Sve1511x1esi Sve1511x1r Sve1511x1rb Sve1511x1rsi Sve1511x1rw Sve1511y1e Sve1511y1es Sve1511y1esi Sve1511z1e Sve1511z1eb Sve15121cab Sve15121cv Sve15121cvb Sve15122cx Sve15122cxb Sve15122cxp Sve15122cxw Sve15123cd Sve15123cds Sve15123cdw Sve15123cn Sve15123cnw Sve15123cvw Sve15124cxp Sve15124cxs Sve15124cxw Sve15125cbw Sve15125cxs Sve15125cxw Sve15126cxp Sve15126cxs Sve15126cxw Sve15127cd Sve15127cds Sve15127cn Sve15127cnb Sve15127cnp Sve15127cns Sve15127cnw Sve15127cv Sve15127cvw Sve15128cg Sve15128cn Sve15128cxs Sve151290s Sve151290x Sve15129cgb Sve15129cn Sve15129cvb Sve1512a4e Sve1512a4ew Sve1512b1ew Sve1512b4e Sve1512c1rb Sve1512c4e Sve1512c5e Sve1512c6eb Sve1512c6ew Sve1512d1r Sve1512d1rb Sve1512d1rw Sve1512d4e Sve1512e1e Sve1512e1eb Sve1512e1esi Sve1512e1ew Sve1512e4e Sve1512e6e Sve1512e6eb Sve1512e6ew Sve1512f1rw Sve1512f4e Sve1512g1r Sve1512g1rb Sve1512g1rw Sve1512g4e

Brand Yellow-Gears
Condition New
Colour  White
Compatible Brand For Sony
Frame Not Included
Ribbon Included
Screws Not Included
In Box 1 Laptop Keyboard
Warranty Summary 3 Months Warranty
Warranty Service Type Replacement   Warranty
Warranty Covered Warranty of the Product is Limited to Failure and Manufacturing Defects
Warranty Not Covered Defects due to External Causes, Accidental, Physical Damage, Cut, Burnt, Misuse and Missing Warranty Stickers or Labels
Image All Pictures Shown Are For Illustration Purpose Only. Actual Product May Vary Due To Product Availability, Stock or Enhancement.
Country of Origin India
Special Instructions Compare with your old Product or Part number to avoid Wrong purchase policy applicable
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