Yellow-Gears Hp Pavilion G6-2100 Laptop Keyboard Replacement


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  • Generic Laptop Internal Keyboard
  • Ideal For: Laptops, Notebooks
  • Interface: Ribbon
  • Package Includes: 1 Pc Laptop Keyboard

Yellow-Gears Laptop Keyboard Compatible with Laptop Models Hp Pavilion G6-2100, G6-2101au, G6-2101ax, G6-2101ea, G6-2101et, G6-2101sa, G6-2101sg, G6-2101si, G6-2101sk, G6-2101sl, G6-2101st, G6-2101sx, G6-2101tu, G6-2101tx, G6-2102au, G6-2102ax, G6-2102ek, G6-2102er, G6-2102et, G6-2102ev, G6-2102sg, G6-2102sk, G6-2102st, G6-2102tx, G6-2103au, G6-2103ax, G6-2103ek, G6-2103er, G6-2103et, G6-2103sa, G6-2103sg, G6-2103si, G6-2103sia, G6-2103sk, G6-2103ss, G6-2103st, G6-2103tu, G6-2103tx, G6-2104au, G6-2104ax, G6-2104ek, G6-2104et, G6-2104sd, G6-2104si, G6-2104sia, G6-2104so, G6-2104ss, G6-2104sz, G6-2104tu, G6-2104tx, G6-2105au, G6-2105ax, G6-2105ec, G6-2105eo, G6-2105et, G6-2105ez, G6-2105sa, G6-2105sk, G6-2105so, G6-2105sp, G6-2105ss, G6-2105st, G6-2105sx, G6-2105sz, G6-2105tu, G6-2105tx, G6-2106ax, G6-2106ek, G6-2106et, G6-2106nr, G6-2106sk, G6-2106sx, G6-2106sz, G6-2106tu, G6-2106tx, G6-2107ek, G6-2107si, G6-2107sk, G6-2107sx, G6-2107tu, G6-2107tx, G6-2108ek, G6-2108sia, G6-2108sk, G6-2108so, G6-2108st, G6-2108tu, G6-2108tx, G6-2109ek, G6-2109sk, G6-2109so, G6-2109st, G6-2109sy, G6-2109tu, G6-2109tx, G6-2110ee, G6-2110ek, G6-2110ex, G6-2110sb, G6-2110sc, G6-2110sd, G6-2110se, G6-2110so, G6-2110sp, G6-2110sv, G6-2110sx, G6-2110tu, G6-2110tx, G6-2111ee, G6-2111ex, G6-2111ez, G6-2111se, G6-2111sia, G6-2111sk, G6-2111so, G6-2111sp, G6-2111sx, G6-2111tu, G6-2111tx, G6-2111us, G6-2112ee, G6-2112he, G6-2112se, G6-2112sia, G6-2112sk, G6-2112so, G6-2112sx, G6-2112tu, G6-2112tx, G6-2113ee, G6-2113ek, G6-2113sk, G6-2113st, G6-2113tu, G6-2113tx, G6-2114et, G6-2114sk, G6-2114so, G6-2114st, G6-2114tu, G6-2114tx, G6-2115ek, G6-2115ex, G6-2115sk, G6-2115sw, G6-2115sx, G6-2115tu, G6-2115tx, G6-2116ex, G6-2116nr, G6-2116sk, G6-2116sx, G6-2116tu, G6-2116tx, G6-2117eo, G6-2117so, G6-2117tu, G6-2117tx, G6-2118tu, G6-2118tx, G6-2119tu, G6-2119tx, G6-2120ee, G6-2120nr, G6-2120sb, G6-2120tu, G6-2120tx, G6-2121ee, G6-2121so, G6-2121tu, G6-2121tx, G6-2122ee, G6-2122he, G6-2122tu, G6-2122tx, G6-2123ee, G6-2123tu, G6-2123tx, G6-2123us, G6-2124sz, G6-2124tu, G6-2124tx, G6-2125ec, G6-2125ex, G6-2125sx, G6-2125tu, G6-2125tx, G6-2126er, G6-2126ex, G6-2126sr, G6-2126sx, G6-2126tu, G6-2126tx, G6-2127er, G6-2127sr, G6-2127tx, G6-2128er, G6-2128sf, G6-2128so, G6-2128sr, G6-2128tx, G6-2129nr, G6-2129so, G6-2129tx, G6-2130ec, G6-2130ee, G6-2130er, G6-2130eu, G6-2130sb, G6-2130sc, G6-2130se, G6-2130so, G6-2130sr, G6-2130sx, G6-2130tx, G6-2131ee, G6-2131se, G6-2131sl, G6-2131so, G6-2131sx, G6-2131tx, G6-2132ee, G6-2132er, G6-2132nr, G6-2132se, G6-2132so, G6-2132sr, G6-2132sx, G6-2132tx, G6-2133ee, G6-2133er, G6-2133se, G6-2133sl, G6-2133sr, G6-2133tx, G6-2134er, G6-2134so, G6-2134sr, G6-2134tx, G6-2135ec, G6-2135es, G6-2135sf, G6-2135sr, G6-2135sx, G6-2135tx, G6-2136ez, G6-2136so, G6-2136sr, G6-2136sx, G6-2136sz, G6-2136tx, G6-2137sr, G6-2137sx, G6-2137tx, G6-2138dx, G6-2138sa, G6-2138sf, G6-2138sr, G6-2138tx, G6-2139tx, G6-2140ee, G6-2140ex, G6-2140sa, G6-2140sb, G6-2140se, G6-2140sf, G6-2140tx, G6-2141ee, G6-2141ex, G6-2141sa, G6-2141sf, G6-2141so, G6-2141tx, G6-2142ee, G6-2142sa, G6-2142tx, G6-2143ee, G6-2143sa, G6-2143sf, G6-2143tx, G6-2144sf, G6-2144tx, G6-2145ex, G6-2145sb, G6-2145sf, G6-2145ss, G6-2145sx, G6-2145tx, G6-2146eo, G6-2146ex, G6-2146sa, G6-2146sl, G6-2146sx, G6-2146tx, G6-2147sa, G6-2147sf, G6-2147sl, G6-2147tx, G6-2148dx, G6-2148sa, G6-2148sf, G6-2148sg, G6-2148sl, G6-2148tx, G6-2149er, G6-2149sa, G6-2149sf, G6-2149sg, G6-2149sl, G6-2149sr, G6-2149tx, G6-2150ee, G6-2150ex, G6-2150sb, G6-2150se, G6-2150sg, G6-2150sx, G6-2150tx, G6-2151ea, G6-2151ee, G6-2151ex, G6-2151sa, G6-2151se, G6-2151sf, G6-2151sg, G6-2151sp, G6-2151sx, G6-2152ee, G6-2152se, G6-2152sf, G6-2152sl, G6-2153ee, G6-2153ev, G6-2153se, G6-2153sf, G6-2153st, G6-2154sa, G6-2154sd, G6-2154sl, G6-2155sf, G6-2155so, G6-2155sx, G6-2156ee, G6-2156er, G6-2156se, G6-2156sf, G6-2156sr, G6-2156sx, G6-2157er, G6-2157sl, G6-2157sr, G6-2158er, G6-2158sa, G6-2158sf, G6-2158sr, G6-2159sf, G6-2159sr, G6-2160ec, G6-2160ee, G6-2160er, G6-2160ev, G6-2160sb, G6-2160sc, G6-2160se, G6-2160sf, G6-2160sr, G6-2160sv, G6-2161er, G6-2161so, G6-2161sr, G6-2162sa, G6-2162se, G6-2162sr, G6-2163er, G6-2163sa, G6-2163se, G6-2163sr, G6-2164ca, G6-2164sa, G6-2164sr, G6-2165ee, G6-2165er, G6-2165ex, G6-2165sa, G6-2165se, G6-2165sl, G6-2165sr, G6-2165sx, G6-2166er, G6-2166ex, G6-2166sa, G6-2166sr, G6-2166sx, G6-2167sa, G6-2168sa, G6-2168sr, G6-2169sa, G6-2170ec, G6-2170ex, G6-2170sa, G6-2170sb, G6-2171ex, G6-2171sa, G6-2172sa, G6-2173sa, G6-2175er, G6-2176et, G6-2176sr, G6-2180sb, G6-2187ea, G6-2187sa, G6-2188ca

Brand Yellow-Gears
Condition New
Colour Similar to Image
Compatible Brand For Hp
Frame  not Included
Ribbon  Included
Screws Not Included
In Box 1 Laptop Keyboard
Warranty Summary 3 Months Warranty
Warranty Service Type Replacement   Warranty
Warranty Covered Warranty of the Product is Limited to Failure and Manufacturing Defects
Warranty Not Covered Defects due to External Causes, Accidental, Physical Damage, Cut, Burnt, Misuse and Missing Warranty Stickers or Labels
Image All Pictures Shown Are For Illustration Purpose Only. Actual Product May Vary Due To Product Availability, Stock or Enhancement.
Country of Origin India
Special Instructions Compare with your old Product or Part number to avoid Wrong purchase policy applicable
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