Yellow-Gears Hp Pavilion DV6-2000 Laptop Keyboard Replacement


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  • Generic Laptop Internal Keyboard
  • Ideal For: Laptops, Notebooks
  • Interface: Ribbon
  • Package Includes: 1 Pc Laptop Keyboard

Yellow-Gears Laptop Keyboard Compatible with Laptop Models Hp Pavilion Dv6-2000 Series Dv6-2000sl Dv6-2000st Dv6-2001au Dv6-2001ax Dv6-2001tx Dv6-2001xx Dv6-2002au Dv6-2002ax Dv6-2002ew Dv6-2002xx Dv6-2003au Dv6-2003ax Dv6-2003el Dv6-2003eo Dv6-2003so Dv6-2003tx Dv6-2004au Dv6-2004ax Dv6-2004eo Dv6-2004sl Dv6-2004tx Dv6-2005au Dv6-2005ax Dv6-2005eo Dv6-2005et Dv6-2005ev Dv6-2005sf Dv6-2005sg Dv6-2005sl Dv6-2005sp Dv6-2005sw Dv6-2005tx Dv6-2006au Dv6-2006ax Dv6-2006eg Dv6-2006el Dv6-2006so Dv6-2006tx Dv6-2006us Dv6-2007au Dv6-2007ax Dv6-2007el Dv6-2007sf Dv6-2007so Dv6-2007tx Dv6-2008ax Dv6-2008eo Dv6-2008tx Dv6-2009ax Dv6-2009eo Dv6-2009tx Dv6-2010ax Dv6-2010ea Dv6-2010eb Dv6-2010ec Dv6-2010eh Dv6-2010el Dv6-2010en Dv6-2010eo Dv6-2010ep Dv6-2010eq Dv6-2010sa Dv6-2010sf Dv6-2010sg Dv6-2010sl Dv6-2010ss Dv6-2010st Dv6-2010sv Dv6-2010tx Dv6-2011ax Dv6-2011eg Dv6-2011tx Dv6-2012ax Dv6-2012ef Dv6-2012eg Dv6-2012sf Dv6-2013ax Dv6-2013et Dv6-2014ax Dv6-2014er Dv6-2015ax Dv6-2015eg Dv6-2015er Dv6-2015et Dv6-2015sf Dv6-2015sg Dv6-2015sl Dv6-2015sv Dv6-2015sw Dv6-2016ax Dv6-2016eg Dv6-2016ez Dv6-2017ax Dv6-2017eg Dv6-2017er Dv6-2018ax Dv6-2019ax Dv6-2019er Dv6-2020ax Dv6-2020ca Dv6-2020ec Dv6-2020eg Dv6-2020en Dv6-2020er Dv6-2020es Dv6-2020ev Dv6-2020sa Dv6-2020sb Dv6-2020sg Dv6-2020sl Dv6-2021ax Dv6-2021el Dv6-2021er Dv6-2022ax Dv6-2022eg Dv6-2022er Dv6-2023ax Dv6-2023eg Dv6-2023el Dv6-2025ec Dv6-2025er Dv6-2025ew Dv6-2025sf Dv6-2025sl Dv6-2025ss Dv6-2026es Dv6-2027es Dv6-2028ca Dv6-2028es Dv6-2028ez Dv6-2030ec Dv6-2030en Dv6-2030er Dv6-2030ev Dv6-2030ez Dv6-2030sa Dv6-2030sb Dv6-2030sd Dv6-2030ss Dv6-2035er Dv6-2035ss Dv6-2040eb Dv6-2040el Dv6-2040er Dv6-2040ev Dv6-2040sa Dv6-2040ss Dv6-2043ca Dv6-2043el Dv6-2043us Dv6-2044ca Dv6-2044dx Dv6-2044el Dv6-2045el Dv6-2045es Dv6-2046ez Dv6-2050eb Dv6-2050eg Dv6-2050eo Dv6-2050es Dv6-2050et Dv6-2051el Dv6-2051xx Dv6-2052eo Dv6-2053eo Dv6-2053xx Dv6-2055eg Dv6-2055er Dv6-2055so Dv6-2056el Dv6-2056so Dv6-2057cl Dv6-2057eo Dv6-2057ez Dv6-2058so Dv6-2059eo Dv6-2060ea Dv6-2060et Dv6-2060so Dv6-2060ss Dv6-2062eo Dv6-2064ca Dv6-2065et Dv6-2066dx Dv6-2066ex Dv6-2070eo Dv6-2070et Dv6-2070ez Dv6-2077la Dv6-2080es Dv6-2088dx Dv6-2090eg Dv6-2090eo Dv6-2090ep Dv6-2090er Dv6-2090es Dv6-2091eg

Brand Yellow-Gears
Condition New
Colour Black
Compatible Brand For Hp Compaq
Frame Not Included
Ribbon Included
Screws Not Included
In Box 1 Laptop Keyboard
Warranty Summary 3 Months Warranty
Warranty Service Type Replacement Warranty
Warranty Covered Warranty of the Product is Limited to Failure and Manufacturing Defects
Warranty Not Covered Defects due to External Causes, Accidental, Physical Damage, Cut, Burnt, Misuse and Missing Warranty Stickers or Labels
Image All Pictures Shown Are For Illustration Purpose Only. Actual Product May Vary Due To Product Availability, Stock or Enhancement.
Country of Origin India
Special Instructions Compare with your old Product or Part number to avoid Wrong purchase policy applicable
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