Yellow-Gears Asus K53S K53SV Laptop Keyboard Replacement


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  • Generic Laptop Internal Keyboard
  • Ideal For: Laptops, Notebooks
  • Interface: Ribbon
  • Package Includes: 1 Pc Laptop Keyboard

Laptop Keyboard Compatible with Laptop Models K53s-Sx019v K53s-Sx027d K53s-Sx085 K53s-Sx156 K53s-Sx180v K53s-Sx492d K53sv K53s-V1g K53sv-2gg-Sx006v K53sv-A1 K53sv-B1 K53sv-Dh51 K53sv-Dh71 K53sv-Dh72 K53sv-Ma2 K53sv-So976v K53sv-So977v K53sv-Sx006v K53sv-Sx019v K53sv-Sx045 K53sv-Sx045d K53sv-Sx045r K53sv-Sx045v K53sv-Sx047d K53sv-Sx047v K53sv-Sx048v K53sv-Sx050v K53sv-Sx055d K53sv-Sx055v K53sv-Sx056d K53sv-Sx056v K53sv-Sx061 K53sv-Sx061r K53sv-Sx061v K53sv-Sx063d K53sv-Sx063v K53sv-Sx067 K53sv-Sx069 K53sv-Sx069v K53sv-Sx071 K53sv-Sx071v K53sv-Sx075 K53sv-Sx075v K53sv-Sx077d K53sv-Sx078d K53sv-Sx079 K53sv-Sx079v K53sv-Sx080 K53sv-Sx080v K53sv-Sx081 K53sv-Sx081v K53sv-Sx082 K53sv-Sx087v K53sv-Sx1000d K53sv-Sx1001d K53sv-Sx1005v K53sv-Sx1006v K53sv-Sx1007 K53sv-Sx1025v K53sv-Sx1036 K53sv-Sx121 K53sv-Sx121d K53sv-Sx121v K53sv-Sx121x K53sv-Sx123v K53sv-Sx125 K53sv-Sx126 K53sv-Sx126d K53sv-Sx126v K53sv-Sx127x K53sv-Sx128v K53sv-Sx129 K53sv-Sx129v K53sv-Sx129x K53sv-Sx130 K53sv-Sx130v K53sv-Sx130x K53sv-Sx131 K53sv-Sx131v K53sv-Sx136 K53sv-Sx136v K53sv-Sx137v K53sv-Sx144 K53sv-Sx144d K53sv-Sx145d K53sv-Sx145v K53sv-Sx146d K53sv-Sx146v K53sv-Sx147v K53sv-Sx149v K53sv-Sx152 K53sv-Sx152d K53sv-Sx152v K53sv-Sx153d K53sv-Sx156 K53sv-Sx156d K53sv-Sx156v K53sv-Sx169d K53sv-Sx169v K53sv-Sx174d K53sv-Sx174v K53sv-Sx175v K53sv-Sx178v K53sv-Sx184v K53sv-Sx186v K53sv-Sx187 K53sv-Sx187v K53sv-Sx189d K53sv-Sx200 K53sv-Sx200v K53sv-Sx204 K53sv-Sx204v K53sv-Sx206 K53sv-Sx208v K53sv-Sx211v K53sv-Sx223 K53sv-Sx223v K53sv-Sx239v K53sv-Sx248v K53sv-Sx255v K53sv-Sx256 K53sv-Sx257 K53sv-Sx260d K53sv-Sx263d K53sv-Sx267 K53sv-Sx267d K53sv-Sx267r K53sv-Sx267v K53sv-Sx280v K53sv-Sx283 K53sv-Sx283v K53sv-Sx285v K53sv-Sx288v K53sv-Sx309 K53sv-Sx309d K53sv-Sx318 K53sv-Sx318v K53sv-Sx319v K53sv-Sx321 K53sv-Sx321v K53sv-Sx322 K53sv-Sx322v K53sv-Sx324v K53sv-Sx328 K53sv-Sx329 K53sv-Sx333 K53sv-Sx351 K53sv-Sx355 K53sv-Sx360v K53sv-Sx365d K53sv-Sx365r K53sv-Sx365v K53sv-Sx379d K53sv-Sx380 K53sv-Sx380v K53sv-Sx386v K53sv-Sx390v K53sv-Sx390x K53sv-Sx391v K53sv-Sx392d K53sv-Sx393v K53sv-Sx396d K53sv-Sx396v K53sv-Sx400v K53sv-Sx414d K53sv-Sx420 K53sv-Sx428d K53sv-Sx435v K53sv-Sx436 K53sv-Sx444 K53sv-Sx446 K53sv-Sx446v K53sv-Sx449d K53sv-Sx451v K53sv-Sx466 K53sv-Sx467d K53sv-Sx471 K53sv-Sx475 K53sv-Sx476 K53sv-Sx486v K53sv-Sx491 K53sv-Sx492 K53sv-Sx500 K53sv-Sx501 K53sv-Sx502v K53sv-Sx503 K53sv-Sx506 K53sv-Sx507v K53sv-Sx508 K53sv-Sx509 K53sv-Sx509d K53sv-Sx510d K53sv-Sx511d K53sv-Sx511v K53sv-Sx513 K53sv-Sx513v K53sv-Sx517 K53sv-Sx518v K53sv-Sx520 K53sv-Sx520d K53sv-Sx520r K53sv-Sx520v K53sv-Sx521 K53sv-Sx521d K53sv-Sx521v K53sv-Sx522 K53sv-Sx535d K53sv-Sx538v K53sv-Sx539 K53sv-Sx542 K53sv-Sx542v K53sv-Sx543 K53sv-Sx544 K53sv-Sx544d K53sv-Sx544v K53sv-Sx545d K53sv-Sx545v K53sv-Sx546 K53sv-Sx547 K53sv-Sx551 K53sv-Sx552v K53sv-Sx560 K53sv-Sx562 K53sv-Sx562d K53sv-Sx562v K53sv-Sx572 K53sv-Sx580 K53sv-Sx580v K53sv-Sx581 K53sv-Sx581d K53sv-Sx581r K53sv-Sx582 K53sv-Sx582r K53sv-Sx582v K53sv-Sx585v K53sv-Sx595d K53sv-Sx602d K53sv-Sx605v K53sv-Sx607v K53sv-Sx619 K53sv-Sx619d K53sv-Sx619v K53sv-Sx619x K53sv-Sx620 K53sv-Sx620v K53sv-Sx620x K53sv-Sx621v K53sv-Sx621x K53sv-Sx622d K53sv-Sx622v K53sv-Sx622x K53sv-Sx623v K53sv-Sx623x K53sv-Sx624v K53sv-Sx628 K53sv-Sx631v K53sv-Sx636 K53sv-Sx636v K53sv-Sx645v K53sv-Sx648v K53sv-Sx650v K53sv-Sx651 K53sv-Sx652v K53sv-Sx654r K53sv-Sx666d K53sv-Sx669v K53sv-Sx671d K53sv-Sx672v K53sv-Sx690 K53sv-Sx690v K53sv-Sx691 K53sv-Sx691d K53sv-Sx691v K53sv-Sx694 K53sv-Sx695v K53sv-Sx696 K53sv-Sx697 K53sv-Sx698v K53sv-Sx699v K53sv-Sx700v K53sv-Sx701v K53sv-Sx702v K53sv-Sx706r K53sv-Sx706v K53sv-Sx707v K53sv-Sx708 K53sv-Sx717v K53sv-Sx721d K53sv-Sx721v K53sv-Sx722d K53sv-Sx722v K53sv-Sx723d K53sv-Sx732 K53sv-Sx732v K53sv-Sx733v K53sv-Sx734v K53sv-Sx736v K53sv-Sx768 K53sv-Sx768v K53sv-Sx770 K53sv-Sx770v K53sv-Sx771 K53sv-Sx777d K53sv-Sx778v K53sv-Sx785v K53sv-Sx786 K53sv-Sx786v K53sv-Sx789d K53sv-Sx795r K53sv-Sx798v K53sv-Sx799v K53sv-Sx801 K53sv-Sx803 K53sv-Sx803p K53sv-Sx804 K53sv-Sx812v K53sv-Sx818 K53sv-Sx824v K53sv-Sx835d K53sv-Sx836d K53sv-Sx838v K53sv-Sx845 K53sv-Sx846 K53sv-Sx847v K53sv-Sx849v K53sv-Sx850 K53sv-Sx851 K53sv-Sx852 K53sv-Sx857 K53sv-Sx857v K53sv-Sx870 K53sv-Sx873 K53sv-Sx874d K53sv-Sx880v K53sv-Sx891 K53sv-Sx897 K53sv-Sx899 K53sv-Sx904v K53sv-Sx905d K53sv-Sx906 K53sv-Sx913v K53sv-Sx914d K53sv-Sx921d K53sv-Sx922d K53sv-Sx922v K53sv-Sx926v K53sv-Sx939v K53sv-Sx945v K53sv-Sx948v K53sv-Sx950v K53sv-Sx962 K53sv-Sx965v K53sv-Sx966 K53sv-Sx966v K53sv-Sx967 K53sv-Sx967v K53sv-Sx969d K53sv-Sx982 K53sv-Sx982v K53sv-Sx984 K53sv-Sx984v K53sv-Sx989 K53sv-Sx997d K53sv-Sx998v K53sv-V2g-Sx208v K53sv-Xr1 K53sv-Xxxx K53-Sx751v K53s-Xxxx


Brand Yellow-Gears
Condition New
Colour Black
Compatible Brand For Asus
Frame Not Included
Ribbon Included
Screws Not Included
In Box 1 Laptop Keyboard
Warranty Summary 3 Months Warranty
Warranty Service Type Replacement   Warranty
Warranty Covered Warranty of the Product is Limited to Failure and Manufacturing Defects
Warranty Not Covered Defects due to External Causes, Accidental, Physical Damage, Cut, Burnt, Misuse and Missing Warranty Stickers or Labels
Image All Pictures Shown Are For Illustration Purpose Only. Actual Product May Vary Due To Product Availability, Stock or Enhancement.
Country of Origin India
Special Instructions Compare with your old Product or Part number to avoid Wrong purchase policy applicable
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