Laptop battery replacement for Satellite L750 Sees PA3817U-1BAS


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Fit model : Satellite C600D
Replace : PA3817U-1BAS
Cells QTY: 6
Voltage(V): 10.8V
Capacity: 4400mAh/48Wh
Color: Black
Dimension: 205*50*20
N.W.: 320g
Type: Li-ion

Replacement For PA3817U-1BAS PA3817U-1BRS PA3818U PA3819U Fit Machine Models Satellite C600D Satellite L750 Satellite L700 Satellite A600 Satellite A655 Satellite A660 Satellite A660D Satellite A665 Satellite A665D Satellite C675 Satellite C675D Satellite L630 Satellite L635 Satellite L640 Satellite L645 Satellite L645D Satellite L650 Satellite L655 Satellite L655D Satellite L670 Satellite L6700 Satellite L675 Satellite L675D Satellite L730 Satellite L735 Satellite L735D Satellite L740 Satellite L745 Satellite L745D Satellite L750 Satellite L750D Satellite L770 Satellite L770D Satellite L775 Satellite L7750 Satellite M640 Satellite M645 Satellite P740 Satellite P740D Satellite P745 Satellite P745D Satellite P750 Satellite P750D Satellite P755 Satellite P755D Satellite P770 Satellite P770D Satellite P775 and P775D sees Satellite Pro L630 L640 L670 L740 L770 Satellite C660-003 Satellite C660-03C Satellite C660-100 Satellite C660-10T Satellite C660-117 Satellite C660-11H Satellite C660-125 Satellite C660-155 Satellite C660-15T Satellite C660-173 Satellite C660-173 Satellite C660-184 Satellite C660-195 Satellite C660-1CZ Satellite C660-1F1 Satellite C660-1G3 Satellite C660-132 Satellite C660-13H Satellite C660-1K9 Satellite C660-1L2 Satellite C660-1N6 Satellite C660-1NW Satellite C660-1T9 Satellite C660-1UL Satellite C660-1ZM Satellite C660-21M Satellite C660-21Z Satellite C660-227 Satellite C660-22V Satellite C660-23Q Satellite C660-23U Satellite C660-26Z Satellite C660-280 Satellite C660-28V Satellite C660-20L Satellite C660-2E2 Satellite C660-2F2 Satellite C660-2GM Satellite C660/01C Satellite C660/02L Satellite C660D-102 Satellite C6600-10F Satellite C6600-10W Satellite C6600-14E Satellite C6600-150 Satellite C6600-153 Satellite C6600-15D Satellite C6600-15X Satellite C6600-16Q Satellite C6600-18F Satellite C6600-19X Satellite C6600-1EN Satellite C6600-1F1

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