Technical Details:

Compatible With:

Omen 15, Omen 15-5000, Omen 15-5000na, OMEN 15-5000NA-K2V86EA, Omen 15-5000nc, OMEN 15-5000NC-K1G93EA, Omen 15-5000nd, OMEN 15-5000ND-K1R02EA, Omen 15-5000ne, OMEN 15-5000NE-K3F61EA, Omen 15-5000NF, OMEN 15-5000NF-K0X10EA, Omen 15-5000ng, OMEN 15-5000NG-K0X11EA, Omen 15-5000no, OMEN 15-5000NO-K0Y83EA, Omen 15-5000nt, OMEN 15-5000NT-K6Y10EA, OMEN 15-5000NW, OMEN 15-5000NW-K1G95EA, Omen 15-5001LA, Omen 15-5001NA, OMEN 15-5001NA-K2V87EA, Omen 15-5001NF, OMEN 15-5001NF-K8M19EA, Omen 15-5001ng, OMEN 15-5001NG-K4D47EA, Omen 15-5001NS, OMEN 15-5001NS-K6X70EA, Omen 15-5001TX, Omen 15-5002NF, OMEN 15-5002NF-L3R16EA, Omen 15-5002nx, OMEN 15-5002NX-K8L70EA, Omen 15-5002TX, Omen 15-5003NL, OMEN 15-5003NL-L2B60EA, Omen 15-5003TX, Omen 15-5004NL, OMEN 15-5004NL-L2S17EA, Omen 15-5004TX, Omen 15-5005NP, OMEN 15-5005NP-L5Z53EA, Omen 15-5005NS, OMEN 15-5005NS-L3S10EA, OMEN 15-5005TX, Omen 15-5006NS, OMEN 15-5006NS-L3S11EA, Omen 15-5006TX, Omen 15-5007TX, Omen 15-5008TX, Omen 15-5009TX, Omen 15-5010nr, Omen 15-5010NW, OMEN 15-5010NW-M1J90EA, Omen 15-5010TX, Omen 15-5011NC, OMEN 15-5011NC-L9N45EA, Omen 15-5011NL, OMEN 15-5011NL-L0N66EA, Omen 15-5011TX, Omen 15-5012NA, OMEN 15-5012NA-M1L52EA, Omen 15-5012NC, OMEN 15-5012NC-M3H50EA, Omen 15-5012TX, Omen 15-5013DX, Omen 15-5013TX, Omen 15-5014TX, OMEN 15-5014TX(K5C65PA), Omen 15-5015TX, Omen 15-5016TX, OMEN 15-5016TX(K8T62PA), Omen 15-5017TX, Omen 15-5018TX, Omen 15-5019TX, Omen 15-5020ca, Omen 15-5020NR, Omen 15-5020NV, OMEN 15-5020NV-L0C47EA, Omen 15-5020TX, Omen 15-5021TX, Omen 15-5022TX, Omen 15-5023TX, Omen 15-5024TX, Omen 15-5050na, OMEN 15-5050NA-K2V88EA, Omen 15-5050nr, OMEN 15-5050NR-K1Q31EA, Omen 15-5050sa, OMEN 15-5050SA-K2V89EA, Omen 15-5051LA, Omen 15-5051na, OMEN 15-5051NA-K2V90EA, Omen 15-5051sa, OMEN 15-5051SA-K2V91EA, Omen 15-5051UR, OMEN 15-5051UR-L1T52EA, Omen 15-5080NO, OMEN 15-5080NO-L0C49EA, Omen 15-5090nz, OMEN 15-5090NZ-K3F63EA, Omen 15-5097NF, OMEN 15-5097NF-M0C53EA, Omen 15-5098NF, OMEN 15-5098NF-M0C54EA, Omen 15-5099NR, Omen 15-5100, OMEN 15-5100NA-M2X47EA, Omen 15-5100NF, OMEN 15-5100NF-M1M43EA, Omen 15-5100NP, OMEN 15-5100NP-N2H69EA, Omen 15-5100NT, OMEN 15-5100NT-M6T17EA, Omen 15-5100NV, OMEN 15-5100NV-M2Y57EA, Omen 15-5100NX, OMEN 15-5100NX-M5M55EA, OMEN 15-5100UR-N0K43EA, OMEN 15-5101NX-N1L26EA, Omen 15-5101tx, OMEN 15-5101UR-N0K44EA, OMEN 15-5102NA-M2X49EA, Omen 15-5102tx, Omen 15-5102UR, OMEN 15-5102UR-N1L50EA, Omen 15-5103tx, OMEN 15-5103UR-N3W86EA, Omen 15-5104tx, Omen 15-5105tx, Omen 15-5106tx, Omen 15-5107tx, OMEN 15-5108TX, Omen 15-5109tx, Omen 15-5110ca, OMEN 15-5110NI-N3W56EA, Omen 15-5110nr, Omen 15-5110tx, Omen 15-5111tx, Omen 15-5112tx, Omen 15-5113dx, Omen 15-5113tx, Omen 15-5113TX(M4X89PA), Omen 15-5114DX, Omen 15-5114tx, Omen 15-5114TX(M4X90PA), Omen 15-5115tx, OMEN 15-5116TX, Omen 15-5117tx, Omen 15-5118tx, Omen 15-5120nr, OMEN 15-5150NE-P4H08EA, Omen 15-5180NO, OMEN 15-5180NO-M5L51EA, Omen 15-5190NZ, OMEN 15-5190NZ-M3Z82EA, Omen 15-5200, Omen 15-5201tx, Omen 15-5202tx, Omen 15-5203tx, Omen 15-5204tx, Omen 15-5205tx, Omen 15-5206tx, Omen 15-5207tx, Omen 15-5208tx, OMEN 15-5208TX(T9F95PA), Omen 15-5209tx, OMEN 15-5209TX(T9F96PA), OMEN 15-5210CA, OMEN 15-5210NA-N7K65EA, Omen 15-5210nr, Omen 15-5210NV, OMEN 15-5210NV-P1S39EA, Omen 15-5211NA, OMEN 15-5211NA-N7K66EA, Omen 15-5213dx, Omen 15-5220ca, Omen 15-5220nr, OMEN 15-5221NI-P4G32EA, OMEN 15-5250ND-N9R13EA, OMEN 15-5250NF-N7H97EA, OMEN 15-5250NL-N7K67EA, OMEN 15-5250NO-N7K68EA, Omen 15-5250NT, OMEN 15-5250NT-N7K69EA, Omen 15-5250NX, OMEN 15-5250NX-P1E77EA, Omen 15-5250UR, OMEN 15-5250UR-N7H99EA, Omen 15-5251NE, OMEN 15-5251NE-T8R98EA, OMEN 15-5251NO-P1Q73EA, OMEN 15-5251NP-P7T35EA, OMEN 15-5251UR-P0U03EA, OMEN 15-5252NL-T9R08EA, OMEN 15-5253NL-T9R09EA, OMEN 15-5255ND-N9S56EA, Omen 15-5268nr, Omen 15-5290NZ, OMEN 15-5290NZ-N9S77EA, OMEN 15-5299UR-P3N25EA, Omen 15t-5000, Omen 15t-5100, OMEN Notebook 15-5116TX, OMEN PRO 15-L9H59UT, OMEN PRO 15-L9H60UT, OMEN PRO 15-L9H60UTR, OMEN PRO 15-L9U78AA, OMEN PRO 15-L9U78AAR, OMEN PRO 15-M2T34AA, OMEN PRO 15-M2T35AA, OMEN PRO 15-M2T36AA, OMEN PRO 15-M2T37AA, OMEN PRO 15-M2T39AA, OMEN PRO 15-M2T41AA

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